Key technical levels for the FTSE 100

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Cash prices

7th resistance 5700 61.8% Fib retracement
6th resistance 5630 Previous resistance line
5th resistance 5624 Previous high
4th resistance 5580 200-day moving average
3rd resistance 5530 Previous support line
2nd resistance 5511 55-90min moving average
1st resistance 5477 Yesterday’s high
1st support 5436 Yesterday’s low
2nd support 5435 Previous low
3rd support 5427 50% retracement
4th support 5415 Maximum Elliott wave
5th support 5380 61.8% Fib retracement
6th support 5230 Previous low
7th support 5075 November 25 low


FTSE 100_120627

If you are short:

1st resistance at 5477 (yesterday’s high). Weak stop loss above that level.

2nd resistance at 5511 (55-90min moving average). Fair stop loss above that level.

3rd resistance at 5530 (previous support line). Strong stop loss above that level.

If you are long:

1st support at 5427 (50% retracement). Weak stop loss below that level.

2nd support at 5415 (maximum Elliott wave). Fair stop loss below that level.

3rd support at 5380 (61.8% Fib retracement). Strong stop loss below that level.

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