Guess the stock… Answer is African Barrick Gold!

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What if I told you there was a stock that was trading at a 60% discount to TANGIBLE book value, had a dividend yield of just over 6%, had been the recipient of a takeover approach at twice the price in the last 12 months and where its products are in very high demand.

What if the EV:EBITDA measure was under TWO times for 2014 and that it was trading at the cheapest valuation since being listed. It gets better, how about cash backing equal to just over 40% of the share price and a pro forma free cash flow yield of almost 20%.

Finally, the sector is ripe for consolidation and this is one of the cheapest stocks in the sector. Would you buy? We are.

Guess the answer? Email to and the first one receives a bottle of champagne!

We have a winner – Darren Horvath – Well done!

Watch this space next week for another “guess the stock” compo!

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