Evil Knievil: The final chapter (I hope)

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Evil Knievil: The final chapter (I hope)

A citizen writes the final (I hope) chapter on Coral: Coral paid me late last week all c. £1,100 due. I had to shout at them when they telephoned. I think they felt that there was no need for me to shout but since their position was hopeless and since they responded to my shouting, I do not regret rien.


Caribbean (LON:CIHL) reported this morning. There is no dividend since they are concerned as to what Covid might do. I quite understand. CIHL are still a buy at under 75p.


I sold Pantheon (LON:PANR) this morning at around 39p. I am not sure that this was wise.


Finally, I had an exchange over forty years ago with Sir Harry Evans. I did not know him from Adam but thought I would rev him up. He responded terrier-like.

The position was that an industrial holding company, established as it happens by a then friend of mine’s father and owned as to c. 50% by Tanganyika Concessions (TANKS) and where there was a Schroders-controlled investment trust sitting on a further 20% or so faced a bid from TANKS. The price shot up and there was some selling at the top before the scheme of arrangement (which required 75%+ of all shares voted and where TANKS held back from voting) failed to get the necessary support. The target price collapsed. Was the target price shorted? I do not know.

Evans was fascinated. After all, it was a compelling story.

A viscount was on the boards of Schroders and TANKS. Was the share price selling at the target top?

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