Ceres Power final short term blow off to come?

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Regular readers of this blog and magazine will know that we have had “our arms around” Ceres for some months now… We were waylaid by perhaps the UK’s most ineffectual CEO – David Pummell, but we are back on track.

We have been predicting double digits for a week or so now (see here – http://www.spreadbetmagazine.com/blog/ceres-power-quick-snippet-10p-assault-looks-imminent.html) and by the look of todays price action, it smells distinctly to me that the profit takers are almost spent and so paving the way for the final push through. Now it’s a battle between Lucian Miers and Richard Griffiths of Ora Capital. Lucian is short the stock and Richard controls the price to all intents and purposes. I know where my money is…

For those that have followed us on this and been patient, we are offloading the balance of our stock on the imminent and all but inevitable, in our opinion, spike over 10p. Lucian – you can have mine at 13p!

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