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Time to buy

For reasons that are not disclosed Haddeo Partners’ optional sale to Disruptive Capital of a 23% stake in Six Hundred Group (LON:SIXH) at an undisclosed price has lapsed. This must be because DCI could not see that SIXH was in a condition to justify DCI proceeding. The effect has been to knock SIXH’s price by 15%. But since the exercise price was never disclosed I doubt if this means much – if indeed it means anything. I still think SIXH is worth upwards of 20p. It is just that getting there may take longer. Time to buy at 12p.


Being readily classified as a couch potato, it is a bit rich my claiming to have any knowledge of a battlefield in practice. But a member of my family who has had this experience close up and raw remarks that Sergeant Blackman should never have been imprisoned in the first place. His mistake was to have allowed some idiot to keep a filmed record of the central incident.

However, it is nice to know that we all pay for the MoD’s lawyers who are so helpful in their silliness. As to whether a serious young man will as readily as Sergeant Blackman consent to serve in future is another matter. It’s nice to have MoD lawyers who weaken our defences.


Finally, readers may recall a Glaswegian punter betting £100 at 2500/1 that Rangers would be “relegated” from the Scottish premiership division at the end of the 2011/12 season. Rangers were since they encountered financial difficulties sufficient to see them ejected in terms of the Scottish FA rules. However, the Scottish judges have ruled in favour of Corals since you or I might have relied upon the ordinary meaning of relegation but the judges decided to adopt the Scottish FA rules interpretation. Golly!

Interestingly, the judges decided that the punter was sufficiently shrewd to be classified as not entitled to consumer protection legislation.

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