Tilting the odds in one’s favour

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Tilting the odds in one’s favour
This is really serious investment material and not for flebsters:
You enter tomorrow Wednesday’s Lotto online. You will need to register on the National Lottery site.
The problem is to devise, say, 2,000 different entries using numbers 32 to 59. I think it is £1 an entry. But you can look it up.

On this occasion, you are six times as likely to win as usual. This changes the odds in your favour. The six figure is before your self-control in confining yourself to 32 to 59 – most entrants put in their birth date and that of their auntie etc. I do not know how much further your chances are improved. But they are. I am indebted to Joe Saumarez-Smith for his helpful comment this morning when I awoke him in Toronto. He is an expert.
The anomaly arises since nobody has won the lottery for many many weeks.
The investor needs sufficient imagination to get this task attended to and some time. Oh! And some cash! As Oliver Jessel taught me forty years ago “A promise without cash is like a kiss without a bash.”
It was ever thus.

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  • John Mason says:

    I don’t think you are “6 times as likely to win” as stated. The numbers are randomly drawn so you have no advantage to WIN in this strategy. However, your EXPECTED winnings will be increased (i.e. your average winnings if any of your combinations come up), as if most entries use numbers from 1 to 31 more than random, if you do win, you will win a bigger share of the pot, since you have to share with fewer people.

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