The Evil Diaries: Watchstone and Churchill Mining

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The Evil Diaries: Watchstone and Churchill Mining

Events move along at Watchstone (WTG), in that it is now disclosed that WTG has recently received a draft and highly conditional, non-cash proposal from a private company which is controlled by Edie Truell, late of Tungsten (TUNG). One does not have to be the Brain of Britain to see what stimulates an approach but cash is what the WTG investors want and comfortably above 500p. This means that a purchase right now up to 300p, and probably 400p, is a straightforward gimme.


East Side story: Tonight’s the night. The Court in Singapore will decide on Churchill (CHL) and the Republic of Indonesia.┬áChurchill seems a fair bet to me. I may add that ROI is currently running a campaign to persuade foreign capital to come to Indonesia. Paying Churchill would be a start.

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