The Evil Diaries: Timber!

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Evil discusses ASOS, Quindell, the business leaders’ letter in support of the Tories, and Sam Cameron…

I may have missed something (I doubt it) but ASOS (ASC) is on a PE of the order of 100 and profits are declining. Timber!

The fan club would point out, if minded, that I have misunderstood matters. All I can say is that I’ll take my chances on that one. £37 a share? Barking mad, says I.


Another area of human life which I have not understood at all times is Quindell (QPP). I went along with the proposition that criminal activity at and around that company would lead to insolvency. It has not.

Further, I now understand that after the 100p per share is paid out to shareholders there’ll be 100p left for longer term holders. Amazing. I am long at 136p.


I know that somebody at Conservative Party Central Office has co-ordinated this wheeze of corralling 100 or so business “leaders” to write in support of the Conservative cause. So they must have thought about it. However, I cannot help feeling that many a voter will regard this style of hectoring as presumptuous and silly. These business leaders may be responsible but their chief responsibility is to themselves when awarding themselves vast pay rises.


Finally, Sam Cameron is in both the DMail and the DTel this morning identically described as wearing a Cos blouse, a Toast skirt and Zara shoes.

This photo opportunity has been sold to the public. It has nothing to do with what she really likes. Actually, I think she is pretty goodlooking in her own right (but accept that she must wear something in public).

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