The Evil Diaries: The BBC, Lord Sewel, Polo and Gold

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The Evil Diaries: The BBC, Lord Sewel, Polo and Gold

As is well known the BBC is fairly left wing and therefore has great difficulty understanding anything to do with business. Take the term ‘secretive’ as in secretive companies. The idea of an off the shelf company run by a lawyer in an offshore jurisdiction being secretive is risible. This is because a company cannot be secretive. It just has not got the wit to do anything of the sort. Further, the lawyer, who is the declared manager of the company, is also not secretive. He has merely undertaken to see that the beneficial owner of the company is kept secret. Certainly all clients of solicitors in this country expect their relationship with a solicitor to remain undisclosed unless circumstance or the law compels another result. That does not make them or the lawyers secretive. No, the BBC is merely engaged in misrepresentation in support of its political agenda. See Diaries passim.

However, Cameron is right now in the Far East announcing that he will seek to see that “dirty money” does not land up in the UK, purchasing properties. This is all very well but how on earth would his PRness check the source of the cash? After all, he cannot. So why suggest that he can? I can only suppose that he thinks he has an audience amongst the soft heads who make up the likes of the BBC.

There is another point (of which Cameron is perfectly well aware – he is not that simple) which is that in this country we sport an Annual Enveloped Properties Tax. This tax works out at about 1% p.a. and is directed at offshore companies – it is such a company that provides the “envelope”. Let us be clear that on, say, a £5m property, ten years’ tax comes to £500,000. I do not know about you, dear reader, but my bet is that the Chancellor would rather prefer to get his hands on this sort of dough. He just loves these “secretive” companies. He would be mad not to.


I am unclear as to what law Lord Sewel has broken. He is not proved to have sniffed cocaine or having bought any. So is it an offence to sniff cocaine through a humble fiver positioned above an Asian hooker’s breast (my newspaper has not disclosed whether it was a right or a left breast – if the former, Sewel would have felt a right tit)? I think not. So why the police took a battering ram to his Lordship’s flat’s front door, God knows. One thing is clear: Betty Boothroyd can be a bit sniffy albeit not in relation to cocaine.


Ever the glutton for punishment I bought Polo (POL) yet again – this time at 4.25p. It is either a fraud or very cheap. My bet is the latter.


Finally, we may have seen capitulation selling of gold. If so, this price, now $1,095, will rocket.

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