The Evil Diaries: Ocado, Clear Leisure and Watchstone

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The Evil Diaries: Ocado, Clear Leisure and Watchstone

Ocado (OCDO) has been a slam dunk sell for as long as I can remember. But it has cost me a lot of dough. The fear has always been that Amazon, deus ex machina, might descend to thrash the shorters. However, it is as clear as one cares to dream that Amazon have no such intentions – just look at the expansion of its online food operation. So what is there to hold Ocado up? The answer is nothing at all. OCDO is now below 300p. My guess is that it will never see that level again.


Just guessing, I bought Clear Leisure (CLP) last week at 0.95p. I suspect that, at long last, the debt position is coming under control. But there is no guarantee that it is. I spoke to the boss, Francesco Clarin, who was the Latin equivalent of delphic – even though, apparently, the Romans had no equivalent of the oracle at Delphi.


Watchstone (WTG) continues to storm ahead. There is a perfectly respectable argument that 500p is cheap. Now 350p.


Finally, I acquired a fourth grandchild on Sunday morning. He has yet to declare whether he is a wet or dry bob.

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