The Evil Diaries: A Raging Sell

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Evil discusses Blue Rock Diamonds, Afren, Plus500 and Gate Ventures…

After racing at Ascot yesterday I bumped into a Paul Beck who is chairman of Blue Rock Diamonds (BRD on AIM), a putative producer close to Kimberley. He seems hopeful but it is so hard to evaluate these stocks that I let it pass. I am far from sure that this is wise.

Afren (AFR) is drifting down below 3p. I am told that its natural level is 1p or less. However, this will take ten weeks or so. Borrowing is difficult.

The punters are pulling out of Plus500 (PLUS). Given that it is a very fishy company I am surprised that it is taking so long. It is still of course a raging sell at 680p.

Finally, Gate Ventures (GATE) is poised if not suspended (this latter is the target) at 150p. Volume shown is presumably fake as the supply of demented Chinamen has, I think, now dried up. It is really astonishing that the authorities have apparently done nothing.

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