It’s a wungermaul life

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It’s a wungermaul life

It’s a wungermaul life: I did not realise this until listening to the tennis yesterday. A wungermaul arises where each player has won one game.

My pick, Venus Williams, is still there. She is deffo the Afro-American in the wouldwinpile. But for profit this week it’s Newmarket for sensible bunnies: the rain will have gone and some sort of reasonable expectations can be formed.


Channel 4 keep on declaring that it is very serious indeed that Trump’s son met a Russian. They are so determined that Trump must go (a reasonable ambition) that the most trivial of events are drafted to the cause. As a result the stream of guff Channel 4 keeps issuing sounds and looks highly suspect.

Scoop: For my part I have been able to get hold of the vital information that the Russians wanted to pass on to Family Trump: Hillary Clinton is ugly. The defect in this claim to powerful intelligence is that virtually 99% of Americans already knew this.


Deliveroo and Uber, to name just two, could face decidedly higher staffing costs if the worst of socialism has its day. It might. The problem remains that HMG is desperate to rake in tax and in doing so is on the cusp of a completely ineffectual method of seeking to do so. That is because the mob is screaming for it. Reminder: the French have destroyed themselves this last forty years through silly payroll taxation – can’t we learn?


Meanwhile I have been trying to get the SFO worked over. (This is not easy.) They are not so much silly as dangerously silly. And very expensive.

Finally, I have failed to get in on Carillion (CLLN) on the cheap at 76p. Silly me.

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  • Donald Farnklin says:

    Re your Venus Williams comment: “… the Afro-American in the wouldwinpile” ??!? Really?!?! Careful there, big guy; I am sure you believe you are so very witty in coming up with such a supposedly clever little quip and double entendre. Wrong. You diminish yourself. You are not so naive or unaccountable as to not know what you are saying with that utterly racist innuendo.

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