Introducing Toffee Galore

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Introducing Toffee Galore

I now introduce Toffee Galore. As you can see from her picture she is every colt’s dream of a mate save, possibly, she has knobbly knees which would preclude her cosying up to the average Tory MP.

She cost £50,000. Given that a yearling must cost at least £10,000 to produce given stud costs exclusive of the sire’s fee and given that Toffee Galore’s sire, Lope de Vega, now costs £60,000 a pop, I, as an amateur in the world of bloodstock, think our trainer and buyer, Archie Watson, might have bought quite well.

Toffee Galore
The minimum cost of a unit of alcohol now imposed by the Scots Nats will not work. It will merely lead to smuggling cheap booze north of the border. It is a revived version of Prohibition. When will legislators learn?


Mugabe’s departure is in one sense terrific news as is the sidelining of his harridan wife Grace. But being realistic it is unlikely that Zimbabwe will revive. Or if it does revive it will not get back to the economic success story it was under Ian Smith. This means that those who are getting excited about the prospects for capital introduced from outside should hold their horses.


Back on the betting, Walker Greenbank (WGB) looks to have hit difficulties. Now 150p, it seems that its main brands have hit consumer ennui. It has been a terrific run.

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