Evil Knievil: This will be sorted

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Evil Knievil: This will be sorted
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President Macron extends us the courtesy of opining upon us in English. In his case it is very good English. However, it also means that he knows the meaning of the word liar as opposed to misinformer. For, as he knows, a liar deliberately misinforms.

Why Brexiteers should be classed as liars Goodness only knows. My impression of Brexiteers is that they may be misinformed but they do not lie. Unlike the Remainers who simply do not care if they lie.


REA (LON:RE.) reported last week. Unfortunately, the price of palm oil has eased right back. But REA is solvent and ready to zoom. Now 300p offer.


Finally, Clear Leisure (LON:CLP) announced last week that although they had located their crypto currency operation in Serbia on the grounds that the electricity required would be cheap, there had been in practice only a limited supply of electricity. This will be sorted. I bought again at 0.77p.

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