Evil Knievil: Still time to get aboard

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Evil Knievil: Still time to get aboard
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Snookered: on Monday I came up with the fund manager Stephen Hendry. Stephen, an outstanding snooker player, may indeed manage his own funds but the chap I intended to refer to was and remains Hugh Hendry of Eclectica. Mea Culpa.


Still time to get aboard: Six Hundred Group (LON:SIXH) report for YE 31st March 2019. These results are good and the dividends paid for this last year will prove to be 0.75p.

However, SIXH is about earnings nowadays and EPS were 3.5 cents (85% of the business is done in the US or exported to the US). That’s 2.8p with a rise in prospect. Were the PE ratio to apply settled at 10x, a share price of 28p would apply. 10x seems a little low to me but I dare say we can settle on that whilst the results for the next six months flow through. Either way, 28p and rising looks to be the reasonable expectation.


Woodford Patient Capital (LON:WPCT) report this morning a TNAV of 82p a share. WPCT allege that this figure is in accordance with AIC accounting rules. Pull the other one Neil.

I do not know what the true figure is, but it may well be as low as 20p or, indeed, negative. No need to close a short.


Arise Sir Tim: J D Wetherspoon (LON:JDW) report in prospect for year-end 31st July 2019. Trading is going well, no doubt enhanced by the absence of music. Tim Martin gets his knighthood in a few weeks’ time. It’s Brexit what has done it.


Incidentally, I have for many years approved of Brexiteer Bill Cash MP. Indeed, he is now Sir Bill. But he has undone all his good work by criticising Sir Kim Darroch.

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    SIXH. When I was a trainee accountant doing clients’ tax returns in Bristol fifty years ago, I can recall checking dividend counterfoils from this company. Good to see that they have survived and things are finally looking up.

  • Gammo says:

    I wonder if you feel the same about Boris.?

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