Evil Knievil: Labour loons have no intention of growing up

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Evil Knievil: Labour loons have no intention of growing up
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There needs to be a credible opposition since that is the only way to keep a governing party on its toes. But Labour seems determined to ensure that it is an entirely useless party by using the same leadership election procedure that selected Corbyn. The adherence to an election base comprised of children and lunatics will therefore be allowed to choose, say, Rebecca Long-Bailey (now 2/1) who, I read, is a close associate of John McDonnell. I suppose she can always radically alter course if elected but, so far, these mad people show little sign of doing anything of the sort.

When much younger I was taught that the only way to select a leader is to ensure that those doing the choosing have worked close up with the proposed candidate and therefore have a reasonable chance of knowing what they are deciding upon. Labour is seemingly determined not to respect this fundamental truth of human nature.

Not that I am particularly bothered by the loss of career prospects of, say, Keir Starmer but it must be profoundly frustrating for him to stay engaged with this society of lunatics knowing that they have no intention of growing up.


I spent perhaps ten hours last week assisting a longstanding client who is bringing a breach of copyright case in Paris. The delays in implementing the law there are quite as frustrating as the snail’s pace of pursuit of civil cases in this country.

Perhaps fifty years ago Lord Goodman, a prominent solicitor, told my father that one should never litigate. I am sure he knew of what he spoke. But the entire point of the legal system is to avoid citizens resorting to violence to resolve differences of opinion. So, absent a system that respects this point, we are living with a pungent disease.


About a fortnight ago I had Francesco Gardin of Clear Leisure (LON:CLP) to lunch. He strikes me as intelligent, honest and diligent. His problem has been to clear up the mess left by his predecessor, Mr Villa. On balance, I think he is succeeding.

CLP is now an investment company in the tech sector. Of course, all this is intellectually way beyond me. But I smell success on the way. I paid 0.3p for a further 2m this morning.


Tom Walls, the actor manager of the nineteen thirties, had his own stables near Epsom racecourse and indeed owned the winner of the 1932 Derby, April The Fifth. He was a stylish actor and those who like this approach will appreciate A Cuckoo In The Nest which he made in 1933. Readers need to go to YouTube and search accordingly. All 90 minutes of this film are a delightful trip back down memory lane.

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