Evil Knievil: Kicking the ball around

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Evil Knievil: Kicking the ball around

Footie resumes tomorrow and I understand that Everton is value to beat Liverpool. Take 3/1. Elsewhere I have put £1,000 on Aston Villa to win the premiership at 200/1. Some will say I’m mad but, although they are possibly correct, backing Aston Villa is not a sound reason. Perhaps more prosaically, I have put £5,000 on Chelsea to win at 14/1. Backing local industry and all that.


The chairman and his representative on earth, Denham Eke, have put £2m into Manx Financial (LON:MFX) on loan terms. 6% p.a. does not seem unreasonable to me and is a comfort for us equity holders. MFX is now 8p.


Serco have sharply upgraded their prospects this morning. Perhaps Capita (LON:CPI) should be similarly treated.

Finally, I sold another 50,000 Orosur (LON:OMI) this morning – this time at 36p. My earlier sales were clearly premature. But this constant rise in the absence of news is suspicious.

Evil Knieviel speaking at Master Investor Show 2020

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  • john lewis says:

    Good luck with Villa, one in my local is on, at 500s early doors.
    I don’t back on football outside of a ‘last man standing’ competition in my local. Your Chelsea bet smacks of desperation but I wish you well’ish being a Palace man!

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