Evil Knievil: It is meat not to meet

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Evil Knievil: It is meat not to meet
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Simon Cawkwell, AKA Evil Knievil, with his latest trading and gambling exploits – writing exclusively for Master Investor.

The BBC have just broadcast on Radio 4 a programme considering the award of honours. These are of course the state’s judgement as to what is a contribution to the state. To receive an honour the putative recipient has to sign that he/she wants it.

At this point we had Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, who is unquestionably the silliest woman in Britain and vying for silliest woman in the world, advise that she felt embarrassed accepting her MBE on the grounds that the British Empire is not a phase of this country’s history of which she approves. At this point one smiles at the confirmation of her silliness.

Sadly, Benjamin Zephaniah offered some codswallop along the same lines. Given that he is a witty and clever man he should not really behave this way. But he has.

Meanwhile there are now thousands awaiting a knighthood for John Gosden. He surely has not turned down such an honour. I suppose he might grade himself as a potential peerage johnny. If so, this is not unreasonable. And still the delay goes on.


Family Cawkwell ploughed into Elektron (LON:EKT) at 7p and less. Today they stand at 54.5p pursuant to a disposal. This surely leaves the shares looking very cheap. Nonetheless, I sold 100,000 since one must lighten up a bit and the key to such a stellar performance is to hit the bid when one can. This may seem inconsistent, but a moment’s reflection will surely confirm the wisdom of the occasional disposal.


I paid 9.25p for Agronomics (LON:ACIN), the chairman’s challenge to Beyond Meat (NASDAQ:BYND)(capitalised at a trivial $10bn). It is very unlikely that the vegan/vegetarian fad has stopped. Indeed, I think it is gathering pace.

Incidentally, quite why Unilever (LON:ULVRnever got involved in manufacturing meat substitute I have no idea. I suspect that they do not know either.


Finally, the anti-frackers (who are essentially determined that the gas hidden down below shall never come to the surface) have sent British jobs offshore and indeed possibly left a lot of people very cold in the event of any disruption to gas supplies to Britain. The anti-frackers have squawked their way into this position and the politicians have yielded since they are not prepared to take on really silly people. The problems remain.

Comments (3)

  • Tom Welbourn says:

    Splendid chap, splendid viewpoint!

  • Gordon Watson says:

    Unilever were involved in meat substitutes, or at least producing edible products which tasted like meat. I worked for the company briefly in 1959 in its economics department and then in ‘trademarks’. the flavouring company was I think called ‘Advita’.

  • Lurch says:

    I concur with you regarding John Gosden & what a week he’s having even by his standards.Enable’s thrilling win in the King George on Saturday has been followed up by Stradivarius on Tuesday in the Goodwood Cup & then Too Darn Hot in the Sussex yesterday.Personally I am flabbergasted that Ryan Moore has’nt received some form of recognition for his services,he’s ridden in excess of 120 Group1/Grade 1 winners.

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