Evil Knievil: In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king

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Evil Knievil: In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king

Really lucky chaps such as I live near Chelsea and Westminster hospital where I had my right eye operated upon yesterday for cataract. It was the right eye. The left eye was left out until success with the first eye is established. I would prefer to have had both eyes done at the same time since I am a gambler (see below).

I emerged with a bandage which I hoped would render me piratical in appearance. But, actually, what I got reminds me of the painting of blinded soldiers in the first world war.

I got lucky at Newmarket on Saturday and trousered £52,000 despite blowing £30,000 on the last race. My adviser knows every blade of grass on that course.

REA Holdings: Keep hoovering up the ords (LONL:RE.) at 60p and the prefs (RE.B) at 60p since the palm oil price still shows no sign of weakness and indeed yesterday went into new recent high ground.

Pantheon (LON:PANR) yesterday announced astonishing reserves so to invite an offer. However, I sold family Cawkwell’s 500,000 at 38p on the way up. A chum had told me that he rather thought that PANR’s management had deceived him a year or two ago.

Also, on the disposal list was 250,000 Orosur (LON:OMI) at 19p. This still leaves 1m in the kitty. But developments in Colombia look very positive to me.

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  • James Simpson says:

    Hello Evil
    Is there any point in holding on to Watchstone Group now they have paid there special dividends? Thank you

  • Philip Pickett says:

    Sirs, might one ask Evil what has happened with his hot tip, Caribbean Investment Holdings just a few weeks back, now down 10% from September? Did I miss a sell flag (I don’t think so) or does he still feel it’s a winner in the longer term?

  • Bob Mackintosh says:

    I had cataracts done (both eyes) about 15 years ago (my eyes deteriorated early – possibly due to trauma, they said). My vision has been excellent since, though it was a little strange at first, since you have fixed-focus vision (no lens accommodation any more). I had just one done at a time, then the other 3 months later. That is quite standard.
    It is a bit strange also having just one done, because there is a marked difference between your two eyes, and it is not easy to prescribe spectacles. But you should notice the colours as being much more vivid, especially the blues – they seemed to be better than with my birth lenses, as far as I can remember (i.e. before any deterioration). Compare your two eyes.
    Anyway, good luck Simon!

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