Evil Knievil: I might make good money

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Evil Knievil: I might make good money

Yesterday Caribbean (LON:CIHL) disclosed its results for the six months to 30th September. They were a bit disappointing and there is no dividend. But at least there is no loss despite Covid ravages. So, the shares remain a firm hold at 43p.


I am also asked about Watchstone (LON:WTG). They stand at about 60p and a sale now is not merited. I am of course hoping that PwC have to cough up big time – I suspect they will.


Francesco Gardin of Clear Leisure (LON:CLP) came by last Tuesday. He is a clever fellow and with a bit of luck I might make good money. But I emphasise that luck is involved.


Finally, Trump got ruled out in America. So the betting exchanges settled. I was owed £800 by Betdaq but it took half an hour’s burbling around to get it. Betdaq is part of Ladbrokes which is part of GVC. Familiar? You are right. GVC also owns Coral, another non-payer. GVC is diseased.

I also mention that my colleague Victor Hill has published a book of three short stories – published by Bite-Sized Books. Victor is a very clever and shrewd observer of human behaviour and he has an acute ear. I recommend readers to put this on their Christmas shopping list. I am assured that he will continue to write for Master Investor. Thank goodness.

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