Evil Knievil: Giving the oppo a break

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Evil Knievil: Giving the oppo a break

Rather to my surprise I made £25,000 on Day One of Ascot. Many years ago, it was explained to me by a conspiracy theorist that as soon as the racecourse was cleared at the end of the day watering transferred to the faster side. Apparently, the theorist said, the bookmakers sought this result. Anyway, I shall look at the far side today and trust the rain stays away. It might not.

I have tried to borrow AMC Entertainment Holdings (NYSE:AMC) for several days now. Eventually I succeeded yesterday evening. But, being a modest fellow, I confined my exposure to just $200,000 worth sold at $58. 

I should really have upped my Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) short since there is no need in this life to make things difficult for oneself to no discernible advantage. I suppose I am just giving the oppo a break.

Finally, I have this morning put another £5,000 on the French to win Euro 2020 – this time at 4/1. Their man Mbappe is astonishing.

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