Evil Knievil: Creditors have been warned

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Evil Knievil: Creditors have been warned
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I see that that generous (with our money) trio – the IMF, the World Bank and the ECB – have completed a lending (for which read gift) programme to Greece. All told the gifts total $300 billion. Greece is now free to borrow in international markets. It would be a surprise if they were to raise more than $10 billion. The giving urge surely runs out here.

Indeed, Yanis Varoufakis, the motor-cyclist extraordinaire, thinks Greece should return to the drachma. Greece can then print drachma as a means of repaying debt which they cannot do with Euros. Creditors have been warned.


Book review (1): I am only one third of the way through Ultimate Follyby Henry Macrory and reckon it a gripping read. It covers Whitaker Wright, who behaved fraudulently when promoting company after company in the late nineteenth century. Eventually, he came to a sticky end (along with a number of titled suckers who lent their names to his business). Well worth £13 unlike…

Book review (2) of Damaged Goods where I am only one third of the way through and have difficulty remaining awake. Written by Oliver Shah, it covers Phil Green, one of nature’s prize boors. He just does not interest me.


Ben Stokes, a punchy sort of guy, has been acquitted of the charge of affray. The CPS arranged this folly which would have cost society about £150,000 all round.


Finally, Trump has no judgement when handling people who have not yielded to his will. The latest target is one Omarosa Manigault Newman, whom Trump describes as a dog. Omarosa is obviously on the case. She may sell a few books along the way too. Good luck to her.

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