Evil Knievil: Closing out the summer

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Evil Knievil: Closing out the summer

Markets are thin since most punters are holidaying. This can make it difficult to close positions which one might very reasonably wish to cut back. I always forget this every year. I do not know why.


The editor has asked me to comment on Capita (CPI). It was a long results statement which can hardly be described as upbeat. On the other hand the CEO does not want raise hopes until matters settle down. In the belief that CPI is solvent the shares look very cheap. but it will take time to come through.


Gold has taken a breather but my guess that it has got its breath back. Accordingly, I have again bought again GPSS.


I do not wish to be thought to use this forum as my moment to criticise my counterparties. However, on 23rd May 2020 I sent Corals £1,000. This turned into c. £1,100 with in effect Corals refusing to take any bets – they had (their word) frozen my account. Quite why I do not know.

The trouble is that one cannot speak to anybody at Corals. So it is “Live Chat”. I indulged in this but, although sending copies of my bank statements to show that I am not a money-launderer and Corals having promised to reply within twenty-four hours ten days on there has been no reply.

I think it is extremely dishonest on Corals’ part to take my £1,000 and then disclose that they want to go for a money-laundering review before they will contemplate returning my money to me.

Apparently, Corals often do this. If only the Gambling Commission were properly run this nonsense could come to an end.

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