Evil Knievil: Boo who?

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Evil Knievil: Boo who?

Boohoo (LON:BOO) now faces a fresh assault upon its investor base. It is clear that Leicester’s garment industry is a cesspool of corruption and massive law-breaking including, believe it or not, orchestrated contributions to Al Qaeda. It is hard to believe that the Kamanis did not know any of this.

This of course raises the question as to whether Avacta (LON:AVCT)‘s deal with the Kamanis to form Medusa 19, the vehicle to distribute AVCT’s Covid-19 test will be seen as entirely untainted. I hope so since no one can doubt the Kamanis’ expertise in online distribution. That noted, AVCT must wish that the spivs in whose bed AVCT find themselves had disclosed their hand much earlier.

So I remain short BOO and long AVCT.

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  • michael mayes says:

    Ref: Boo, Evil other could not see what was in front of them you whilst you could.
    What a can of worms you have opened up, about this share and its political agenda via possible funding of terrorism. i sincerely hope you make a fortune out of your short position. Whilst still others pump up this share regardless of the ethics of this company the untruths told in their accounts, and the insider family trading. A company full of slavers, built off a sweatshop of exploitation.

  • Garry Cull says:

    Not everybody shorts. The World relies on companies earning reasonable profits doing reasonably right things for what people want. Oil ok, dresses ok. But where are the red lines. How did Boo get in ethical trading funds (joke). Some old Japanese bloke probably said “money talks” but sorry cant find the quote.

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