Evil Diaries: The Daily Mail and Populism

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Evil Diaries: The Daily Mail and Populism

As readers already know I have long thought that the Daily Mail is a twaddle factory where the twaddle has as its central purpose to attract readers. Truth is entirely a secondary objective.

As readers also know I think (and now the whole world knows) that backing a candidate to be PM has to suppose that the backer knows exactly how the candidate behaves through the backer’s close up experience.

The insanity we have all seen in recent days has been occasioned by a vote being granted to individual members of the Conservative Party, a significant proportion of whom can barely read or write and where, as for assessing a candidate to be PM, virtually all have no idea what they are voting upon.

Needless to add the Daily Mail gathered its writers around its maximise readership campaign and decided that since Truss was ahead in the Truss/Sunak voting intentions the Daily Mail would go for Truss since that would cosy up to more readers than going for Sunak. Thereafter a steam of pro Truss garbage emerged.

It now transpires that Truss is a poor public speaker and has an astonishingly poor capacity to decide upon policies and appointments that work. She is imminently on her way out of Downing Street in practice.

Needless to add, the Daily Mail will not apologise.


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