Evil Diaries: Pondering the empyrean

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Evil Diaries: Pondering the empyrean

The chairman gave me Money For Nothing which covers the run up to the South Sea Bubble of 1720 and what happened thereafter. It is fascinating.

Almost as fascinating is Justin Welby’s declaration that the Rwanda staging post is “ungodly”. He does not explain why or how or what he would do to solve the immigration crisis. But I learnt in 1963 when Lord Hailsham declared that clergymen should stay out of politics since they get it wrong. Justin is not as old as I. Need I say more?

Meanwhile tens of thousands of pigs are being slaughtered on the farms where they were raised and then buried. They can’t go to abattoirs since there are no qualified butchers. Or so I learnt on BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today yesterday. Apparently it costs £10,000 per butcher to import them from the Continent. I expect the Home Office knows the reasons for all this. Nobody else does.

Cenkos spoke out on 11th April concerning Empyrean (EME). The “unrisked” valuation then was 111p and the “risked” figure was 45p. I reckon EME is worth a punt at 11p.

This morning’s trading statement for 888 (888) suggests to me that the great betting share price boom is well and truly over. Probably a short at 200p.

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