Evil Diaries: Easy come, easy go

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Evil Diaries: Easy come, easy go

The Melbourne Cup tip, Without A Fight, got stuck way outside the main field and was duly 2PiR’ed to death, finishing thirteenth. Fortunately for me, my saver bet on, as it turned out, the winner made £30,000 on the race.


On Monday Rockhopper (RKH) declined on a mark to market basis by £30,000 since the Italian government elected very late in the day to claim defects in the arbitration decision which ought to have put c. E250m in RKH’s bank account. Just what the Italians have in mind we, the shareholders, have not been informed. Just why there was such a delay in announcing the Italians’ decision is also a mystery.

But the argument for RKH as a buy has not changed and for those who are prepared to take, say, an eighteen month view RKH is a strong buy at 10p.


Meanwhile Logistics DG (LDG) announced a further increase in its Finsbury Foods (FIF) stake. This looks to be the game plan and may explain why LDG has not made buybacks top priority. I am not suggesting that FIF is a buy at 92p (although it may be just that) but LDG remains a widows’ and orphans’ opportunity at 13p.

Comments (6)

  • Happy John says:

    Maybe tell your readers about the saver bet at the same time as the main bet next time?

  • Bob Grainger says:

    My grandfather was an on course bookie when I was just a lad, he told me never to back horses and I’ve made a lot of money by doing just that

  • Keith says:

    In fact, maybe forget about the main bet – just tip the saver bet !

  • Paul says:

    far better to only announce these types of things with the benefit of hindsight – it happens a lot!

  • Al says:

    Everyone can say they backed a winner after its won, we the readers are none the wiser. I hasten to say you may have backed the winner but as previous comment it would be kinder to inform before not after?

  • Bob Mackintosh says:

    The key thing in horse betting is to have good sources of information, which you Simon definitely do. You are a shining example of the possibilities of making a living as a pro gambler. But it helps enormously to be able to afford to lose say £50k sometimes, and not worry!

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