Evil Diaries: Ceiling Whacks

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Evil Diaries: Ceiling Whacks

The Sky’s the limit: well, it could have been if I had got there. What happened was that I heard that somebody called Sky, only thirteen years old, had won a gold medal for skateboarding in Tokyo. Accordingly, I thought that if she can do it I can have a try at the other end of the age range. Accordingly, I reached to the bottom of my bed and pulled out several wadges of well-masticated chewing gum (stored just as Lonny Donnegan taught me) and smeared it at both ends of the skateboard. I then jumped from my bed, expecting to surge ahead. However I flipped over and am now hanging from the ceiling. Can/will Lord Coe help me?


Whilst I wait, I am reflecting upon The Archbishop of York’s comment that the London elite are looking down upon people in general in Britain. It’s not just that one tends to do that when hanging from the ceiling it is really that one is reacting to truth. It is a few years since I sped through the land in a train but when I last did I pointed out to my neighbour that we were speeding past dims – and this is where it gets poignant – dims breeding dims. One of whom is of course the Archbishop of York.


I can nonetheless watch Nigel Farage on GB News. He is good and, further, I see that he is achieving audiences that exceed the BBC and Sky combined. Britain does not lightly forgive Remainer folk for their patronising stance.


In Saturday’s Daily Mail, John Humphreys, of all allegedly sensible people, pointed out that Alok Sharma, alokated to preparation for the Glasgow Climate Change Conference, should be compulsorily quarantined for attending to HMG’s business in thirty countries on each occasion that he returned to the UK over the last seven months. One wonders what he should have done if we were in a shooting war.


Finally, Capita (LON:CPI) is fixed and on the mend. CPI is surely a screaming buy at 40p. Hurry now…

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  • John Davis says:

    “Britain does not lightly forgive Remainer folk for their patronising stance.”

    Nigel Farage – caught and fined after appropriating public funds. Nigel Farage, who retains Freedom of Movement rights he sought to deny to ordinary UK citizens. Nigel Farage, who said “we need to leave the EU to cut bureaucracy and red tape”, yet exporters and importers are now collapsing under the weight of new red tape. Nigel Farage, who claimed that “outside the EU, Great Britain would not only survive but thrive, and become a beacon of hope for other countries too.” But in the Daily Express on July 18, 2015 he said “I never said it would be a beneficial thing to leave and everyone would be better off.” And how about on LBC when he said “we could do a deal with America in 48 hours”. Still waiting on that one, a bit more than 48 hours now.

    So what does it say about you when you praise a known liar? A man who makes Johnson look honest. Is this the standard you think acceptable?

  • Pete Smith says:

    You might remember that is was the dims from outside the M25 that weren’t taken in by the BBC and the Governments project fear regarding Brexit whilst the ‘elite’ lapped it up and thought that the sky would immediately fall in.
    Much the same happened with the Millenium bug, the financial crisis, Sars, Covid, Scottish referendum, etc, etc.
    A combination of 24/7 news and nothing else to do in the city has a lot to answer for.
    Perhaps a bit of country air every now and then might do you and others some good at injecting a bit of reality and perspective to your diet?

  • David Jones says:

    This really is an awful ‘diary entry’. Three childish political jibes. So tedious. Why don’t Masterinvestor commentators stick to investment matters? Surely that’s what readers want. If we want to read unqualified, political hectoring then we can log on to Twitter and other social media rubbish.
    Time to switch from Masterinvestor to a more grown up investment site perhaps.

  • Richard Green says:

    One has to wonder where the country might be now without all the “dims” outside your small world in London who fired up the industrial revolution in the North and Midlands.
    Not many major inventions or technological advances have ever happened in Eaton or the City.
    Dims speeding past innovators and inventors might have been a better way to put it.

  • Ben Cater says:

    I’ve always looked forward to reading the Evil diary entries, but this one has thrown into sharp relief just who I have been listening to – an over-privileged self entitled fool. The idea that you can do something because a 13 year old can do it is a good display of underestimating the rest of the “dims” who you are unlucky enough to share the country with. And promoting a proven liar and a media outlet whose goal is to fuel division between others is the icing on the cake. Time to move on, I think

  • Olivier Chaligne says:

    Totally, agree. Every occasion I get through feedback questionnaires, I keep telling them the political drivel is boring people off. It’s not even witty comments. It’s crass, dull, fodder a goat would not even dare to sniff.
    I guess it is the downside of masterinvestor not being a monthly magazine anymore, the content is not thought through or reviewed properly.

  • Peter Deaville says:

    I like Simon,and really enjoy his posts,but have to agree a very poor,ill thought out post.Very unusual for Simon.

  • Richard Green says:

    @Ben Cater – presenting both sides of an argument is not fueling division.

    It would more correctly be described as giving a voice to people with whom you disagree.

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