Evil Diaries: Barclays Inaction In Action

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Evil Diaries: Barclays Inaction In Action

I have a chum of 47 years whose taxation affairs I have tended to all this time. He has a bank account at Barclays to handle receipts and payments arising from his business as an antiques dealer. His turnover is of the order of £500,000 p.a..

Last Wednesday, 1st March, he popped into Barclays to effect a payment of £16,500 to an American vendor but was told that the person who handles such payments would not be available until Thursday. This surprised my chum since he had other things to do besides popping in and out of Barclays. So he nonetheless decided to come back the following day. Oh no said Barclays we mean Thursday week. So my chum went down the road to Metro Bank and effected the payment on the spot. He returned to his desk and telephoned the American to say that his money was on its way. It’s already here, came the reply.

I think that what is happening is that Barclays are terrified of money-laundering legal problems. But rather than close my chum’s account they make it difficult for him until he gets the hint. This is bad manners and bad business. Barclays should be ashamed of themselves.

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  • ROBERT gerald EDWARDS says:

    just use a currency company much cheaper than the banks . i did not know people still used the old high street banks to send money. .metro are part of that new breed asd well

  • Howard Stuart Allan says:

    At least you still have a Barclays, ours the only one between Nottingham & Derby (17 miles apart) recently closed. The whole situation terrible for the older customers who do not want online accounts. Best regards, Stuart Allan

  • Ian says:

    The problem is that Barclays have no customer focus. Had a series of problems with them over 40 years causing a lot of stress. However, they are good for generating compensation from the financial ombudsman. When they are not fighting legal cases.

  • Allan Brunner says:

    Despite its problems, I’ve always liked and supported Metro Bank because they understand and offer what people want and expect from a bank, namely a place into which you can pay money, especially cash, without being made to feel you are the recipient of an enormous favour; somewhere from which you can withdraw your own cash; somewhere in which you can easily talk to staff who want to help, not screw, you and who don’t persistently try to sell you services you don’t want; and who have proper, customer convenient opening hours – other banks please take note – 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays.

  • Allan Brunner says:

    I have had current accounts with all the major banks at one time or another. This was because branches of foreign banks in the City always had a domestic clearing bank for staff accounts. Also, having an account within the Square Mile gave the benefit of town clearing. Barclays is the only bank I know which managed to bugger up town clearing of cheques from stockbrokers not once but twice. The second time, I summarily closed my account and demanded my money in cash on the spot.

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