Evil Diaries: An economic miracle?

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Evil Diaries: An economic miracle?

My wife who does all the meal preparation here (bar boiling eggs where I am an expert) has rustled up an intro deal at HelloFresh. The meals are good and staggeringly cheap at 269p per filling. However, since this is not a Woman’s Realm cookery slot, I remark that delivery costs seem to have dropped to derisorily low levels. Just how this is achieved is beyond me. Please would a reader explain this to me. There are quite a few quoted beneficiaries of this astonishing reduction in costs. They can’t all be right before the secret is out.


I closed my short in Peloton (NASDAQ:PTON) last night but thought better of it and reopened higher up. PTON announced that they would stop making these bikes, which cost £1,350 apiece, since, obviously, they are far too dear. (Personally I would pay £1,350 to keep the bike out of my home – I could not face the horror generated by its presence.)


I knew it would happen. No sooner had I learnt what streaming is than Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) announced last night that there is gross excess of capacity in this form of removing the public’s money from their pockets. Disney has tons of material from its library. NFLX has to generate its own. And subscriber numbers are tailing off and down. I have this morning sold at $400.

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  • Paul says:

    Venture capitalists of Silicon Valley etc love to give away free money to attract new customers to their companies……..this hype seems to work…….and the rise in numbers adds to the valuation of their investments….until it doesn’t.
    This may be what happens at Hello Fresh…I don’t know.

    You must live in the south. 2.69 per meal portion is luxury.
    Veg Dahl curry and rice from Sainsburys ingredients costs me max 40 pence per
    portion. Trust me ….cooking takes 15 mins and is fun.
    List of ingredients supplied if required.

  • Heidthebaw says:

    Have you incorporated the refrigeration costs for the increased toilet roll usage post Veg Dahl consumption?

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