Evil Diaries: Advertising to some effect

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Evil Diaries: Advertising to some effect

I originally bought Pelatro (PTRO) perhaps a year ago at around 64p and saw it melt away without any explanation. It’s business is noting the seeming preferences of customers of telcos and then running adverts back. They are not the sort of adverts that interest me in the slightest but, one way and another, the income thus achieved can be remarkable.

But PTRO kept going down until a fortnight ago PTRO announced that all was going well and that the results, which came out yesterday, would be in line with market expectations. This is fine but since there is no record of market expectations not much comfort could be derived. However, the results are perfectly good and I was therefore compelled to buy more. We’ll see.


Coro (CORO) went over their current investment portfolio this morning and it looks OK to me. There is a large amount of debt but, equally, cash is coming in and the outlook seems fairly sunny to me. I have got enough but 0.35p seems a fair gamble.


How very apt: The Queen was conducted round the Chelsea Flower Show yesterday by a Mr Weed. I expect care was taken to stop him straying on to the flower beds.

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  • James says:

    In my part of the world the local council is converting flower beds into weed patches thanks to the woke brigade. It is ironic that farmers can be prosecuted for allowing weeds to flower and set seeds. The Chelsea Flower Show will soon be converted to the Chelsea Weed Show aka Wild flower and re-wilding show.

  • michael franks says:

    Re Mr Weed didn’t you mean wetting the flower beds

  • Surinder DB says:

    Are you happy with the new landscaping look in the grounds of AMIGO?

    Very interesting and entertaining as always!

    Kind regards

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